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Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is a plan rich in antioxidants that helps to maintain a fantastic shape of the organism and prevents premature aging. Aromatic compounds present in it exhibit an extraordinary ability to alleviate tension, eliminate stress and facilitate reaching emotional stability. Like other adaptogens, holy basil increases the organism's natural stress resistance, both physical and mental, restores hormonal balance as well as improves well-being, clarity of thoughts and memory.

The adaptogen is of particular interest for people who seek mental balance, who are anxious and distressed or want to improve memory and cognitive functions. It can also be useful for smokers who want to give up the addiction. Because of its specific cleansing effect, it is also used in rehab centres as an efficient supporting element in therapies.

A wide range of holy basil's healthy properties can be benefitted from only through original supplements of highest quality that contain powdered leaves of the valuable plant. A great choice of such products can be found in the rich offer of our shop. 


Extract from Holy Basil leaves. Supports stress reduction, improves overall health.

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