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Instant meals and meal replacements are a wide range of unique products which allow for the consumption of healthy, high-value and well-balanced meal even if you don’t have too much time. They are easy and quick to prepare and, at the same time, provide the body system with all essential nutrients. They will be perfect not only when we can't eat a traditional meal. They are also a great solution for people who take care of their weight and for those who suffer from nutrients deficiencies in the diet.

In this group you will also find unique lyophilizants which are characterized by low weight, so that they are perfect for a trip or an expedition under a tent or for a camping trip as they won’t be too heavy. The all instant meals and meal substitutes have been designed in such a way that they provide the body system with high-value proteins, carbohydrates, fats and necessary vitamins and microelements. They effectively satisfy hunger and at the same time are tasty and easily digestible.

We offer you a wide range of products which consists of soups, pasta, cocktails and even tasty pancakes. Special attention should be drawn to the dried beef, which is steadily gaining popularity, especially among athletes and travellers. No wonder – it is an ideal snack of high protein content and low carbohydrates and fat contents. Moreover, it is available in a convenient form. 


Protein supplement with high absorbability. It helps to loss weight, improves firmness and reduces appetite.

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Protein oatmeal pancakes. They are healthy and easy to prepare. They provide very good taste.

12.96 $
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Protein Pudding

High protein powder intended for pudding preparation. Low sugar and low fat. Ideal snack when dieting.

8.99 $
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