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The newly selected group of usually non-steroidal compounds, including advanced anabolic androgenic substances in its action.

Ligands classified as SARMs demonstrate high selectivity in stimulating selected androgen receptors (AR) located in the body, through which they focus on developing only specific body structures. As a fully AR agonists localized in muscle tissue they accelerate a regeneration and necessitate an above-average muscle growth. Revealing identical properties to a skeleton, they improve mineralization and skeletal development, supporting the creation of a solid basis for fast expanding muscle suit. Without being able to full activation of the AR located in the prostate, they do not lead to hyperplasia of the prostate, thus providing a safer alternative to anabolic steroids androgenno-(AAS).
An additional advantage of SARMs is their immune to catalyzed in the presence of aromatase and 5a-reductase change, which results in their high stability, high efficiency operation and unfit to operate the pool of female hormones and 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
Most often, when taken at the recommended doses, they have high safety to apply to many organs and systems, and does not lead to deterioration of mood or reduction of libido. However, their high capacity to intervene in the functioning of the body, it is recommended that the monitoring sensitive indicators of health. Through their properties, many of these compounds were used in improving the condition of the body and preserve muscle physically inactive people debilitated by various factors, and physically inactive as well.
The summary of SARMs with appropriately selected training cycle, diet and biological regeneration, they  contributes to an impressively rapid improvement of athletic performance and body. Because of the extraordinary potency of these compounds they are dedicated to people with high training experience.
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