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BCAA + Glutamine is a real anabolic bomb. Combination of branched chain amino acids and glutamine in one preparation results in that the efficiency of gaining lean body mass increases almost twice as compared to separate supplementations of the two compounds.  It is also a powerful dose of substances that have the anti-catabolic effect and support the functioning of the immune system.

While branched chain amino acids, especially the "queen of protein synthesis" – leucine, have an established position in sports supplementation, glutamine still remains in their shadow. There is a vague and, unfortunately, very common belief that only essential amino acids should be supplemented. Meanwhile, endogenous production of glutamine rarely fully covers the body's demands which may be quite high at times, especially in people exposed to an intense physical effort, or recovering from an illness.

The combination of BCAA and glutamine is a "must have" of every athlete. Both branched chain amino acids and glutamine effectively protect muscle tissue against breakdown, stimulate anabolic processes and accelerate muscle recovery. These two compounds are active on different levels and mechanisms, therefore the best results can be obtained by combining them together.


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BCAA Xplode Energy Out of stock
21.42 €

Dietary supplement with amino acids plus beta-alanine and caffeine.

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BCAA Xplode Out of stock
21.42 €

Dietary supplement with glutamine. Rapid recovery after training. Increases and inhibits catabolism.

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BCAA Flash Zero Out of stock
Biotech Usa
from 26.78 €

The highest-quality source of BCAA in the proportion 2:1:1 enriched in glutamine and vitamin B6.

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