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Chlorella is a microscopic, single-cell freshwater alga with a characteristic dark green color. It is a real vitamin bomb and is a very valuable element of the diet. It contains a significant amount of chlorophyll and several unique compounds with a health-promoting effect (including chlorellin, phycocyanin, CGF – chlorella growth factor). In addition, it provides wholesome protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for the body.

Preparations based on chlorella promote the strengthening of the psychophysical condition and promote the proper functions of the body. They allow easily and safely supplement any nutritional deficiency. They also detoxify and help to eliminate toxins from the body. They work well in undernourished, weakened and tired people. The supplements in this category are worth considering by those who do not pay attention to proper nutrition or use elimination diets, e.g. vegan or vegetarian.

Our offer includes a wide range of chlorella supplements. We especially recommend encapsulated formulations, which due to the specific smell and taste of algae are more often chosen and much easier to use. Note that they have been prepared with the use of a special production technology, which allows breaking cell walls of chlorella without damaging their contents. Thanks to this, they are easy to digest and are perfectly absorbed.

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Powdered chlorella obtained from organic, Portuguese culturing. A source of protein, vitamin B12, and iron.

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Dietary supplement containing chlorella from an organic, Portuguese culturing. A source of protein and vitamin B12.

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Excellent quality powdered chlorella from organic, Portuguese crops. High nutritional value.

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