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Electrolytes are aqueous solutions of ions with a positive and negative electrical charge. The most important ions include: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. They have many vital functions in the body, are found in all body fluids and are responsible for maintaining acid-base and water balance. What is more, they have an impact on thermoregulation processes, help maintain the proper osmotic pressure and are involved in initiating a muscle fibre contraction.

Electrolyte deficiency is often accompanied by dehydration caused by hypethermia, diarrhoea or vomiting. Increased sweating is also associated with significant electrolyte depletion. Because of that, individuals are doing strenuous physical work (athletes and labourers) should supplement it regularly. Experts think that endurance athletes who train longer than 2 hours daily or exercise in high temperatures should take formulations enriched with electrolytes.

Our store offers a wide variety of supplements which effectively replenish electrolytes and prevent deficiencies that are dangerous to health. Most of them were designed specifically for athletes. Because of that, apart from electrolytes, they contain also other compounds which maintain optimal training performance and high energy levels.

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Seeking Health
32.63 $ 29.09 $

A combination of electrolytes, creatine, D-Ribose, niacin, and taurine to support workout efficiency.

4.81 $ 2.28 $

Effervescent tablets containing electrolytes, vitamin C and glucose.

Seeking Health
29.09 $

Promotes electrolyte balance and supports peak physical performance.

from 9.87 $

Carbohydrate product increases muscle energy. It supports regenerative processes.

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IntraMax Out of stock
Performax Labs
35.16 $

Supplement to consume during the training, promoting the maintenance of anabolic environment and regeneration.

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Vitargo Electro-Energy
Vitargo Electro-Energy Discontinued
1.26 $

Carbohydrate product increases muscle energy. It supports regenerative processes.

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Electrolyte Discontinued
32.63 $

Vitargo is the best source of carbohydrates for athletes, both strength and endurance.

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Electroactive Discontinued
2.28 $

Dietary supplement in the form of effervescent tablets containing sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium.

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