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Black Elderberry Black Elderberry 120 tab.
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Black Elderberry 120 tab.

Servings: 120 tab.
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Sambucus nigra (Elderberry)


Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is a Eurasian climate shrub, commonly growing in Poland. An elderberry flower (Sambuci Flos) and elderberry fruit (Fructus Sambuci nigri) are medicines and are eatable, rich in biologically active ingredients. Flowers are a source of routines (flavonoid), tannins, organic and phenolic acids and essential oil and 9% of minerals ; fruits contain anthocyanins, tannins, organic and phenolic acids, vitamin B and C, pectins, and sugars and trace amounts of essential oil. The flowers are diuretic and diaphoretic and increase the flexibility of capillaries. Fruits are detoxifying, allowing the elimination of harmful residues of metabolism outside the body. The juice from the elderberry fruit supports immunity.




Ingredients - general definition says that these are the components and raw materials, forming a formula of specific products. Ingredients can be single elements, as well as the compounds and complexes of all processed and unprocessed their sources. It the following division of components is used: food, nutrients and minerals. A legal obligation is to place all the ingredients present in the preparation (or drug), in descending order, i.e., starting from component of which the content is the highest in the formulation.



Flavonoids are derivatives of chromone, their rich source of vitamin P (includes routine and quercetin and other flavonoids). They have the ability to restore flexibility of blood vessels, facilitating the work of the heart muscle (antiatherogenic action). They are an antitoxin for myocardial toxication with lactic acid. Used in inflammatory conditions of the urinary system, also they have a diuretic effect. Delay diabetes, help to keep the body's balance of sugar. The raw material of flavonoids are, for example, elderberry (leaves and fruit), bearberry leaves and birch, horsetail herb, knotweed. They are a shield against ultraviolet, and the protection of the body when exposed to radioactive elements during cancer radiation therapy. The most popular of them - routine, can be used without any side effects, even for a period of one year. Flavonoids are poorly soluble in water, and hence usually their alcoholic extraction are used

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