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Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) or bearded hedgehog is a tasty, edible mushroom, originating from Asia and North America. It owes its name to the spherical mycelium, covered with long icicles that resemble the mane of the king of animals. In China and Japan, it is treated as an exclusive delicacy, while in Europe it is systematically gaining popularity as a medical fungus.

The bearded hedgehog is characterized by a high content of valuable nutrients. It provides a lot of protein, it is rich in microelements (including iron, potassium, zinc, selenium) and polysaccharides. In addition, many biologically and pharmacologically active compounds can be found in its mycelium and fruiting bodies. The most valuable are diterpenoids, to which belong unique erinacins and hericenons. Scientific research indicates that there is no one specific compound responsible for the healing properties of the lion’s mane. This is rather due to the synergy of action of individual components.

Our offer contains a wide selection of preparations containing Lion's Mane mushrooms. We offer both powdered and encapsulated supplements. Preparations from this category are most often used to strengthen memory and cognitive functions and to improve mental efficiency. They are characterized by a powerful nootropic potential, they also have antidepressant properties. They favorably affect the overall health condition, stimulate immunity and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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Apollo's Hegemony
13.56 €

Lion’s mane extract with a high content of polysaccharides. Supports immunity and cognitive functions.

Lion's Mane Out of stock
6.20 €

Standardized extract of Lion’s Mane. Support for the nervous and immune systems.

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Lion's Mane Mushroom Out of stock
8.96 €

Lion's mane contains natural constituents known as erinacines, which may promote brain and nerve cell health.

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Mane Brain Out of stock
Magnum Nutraceuticals
34.25 €

Combination of nootropic compounds – Alpha GPC, NALT, L-Theanine and extracts from adaptogenic plants.

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Lion's Mane Out of stock
Solve Labs
15.86 €

Concentrated extract from the fruiting bodies of the Lion's Mane with a DER of 10:1.

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Lion's Mane Out of stock
Solve Labs
from 11.26 €

Concentrated extract from the fruiting bodies of the Lion's Mane with a DER of 10:1. Powdered form.

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Lion's Mane Out of stock
14.92 €

Standardized extract of Lion's Mane, containing a high amount of polysaccharides.

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