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Most of the gym goers belong to a group of ambitious athletes who have a specific goal which they are constantly striving for. However, with time, the progression slows down and despite the use of various training methods and dietary tactics, it is difficult to proceed to a higher level. Some individuals in this situation reach for anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), others for peptides or growth hormone.

These solutions are undoubtedly effective, but they have powerful side effects that may accompany athletes many years after drug discontinuation and, in extreme cases, even until the end of life. For those who want to break the natural boundaries of their body while maintaining good health, non-hormonal anabolic supplements have been created.

These are preparations designed to significantly improve the body's ability to build tissue while not impairing the synthesis of its own hormones. These substances promote muscle anabolism primarily by increasing the secretion of insulin-like growth factor type 1, which is considered the strongest anabolic hormone in humans. They are also able to promote mTOR kinase, thereby combining the strongest anabolic pathways in the body.

In addition, the active substances contained in these supplements do not cause unpleasant side effects as opposed to the administration of hormone analogs or compounds with affinity to androgen receptors.

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Apollo's Hegemony
40.20 $

Phosphatidic acid obtained from standardized soy lecithin. Natural support of anabolic processes.

53.69 $

Highly efficient GH booster. Promote falling asleep, speeds up regeneration and intensifies anabolic processes

121.14 $

Highly bioavailable insulin-like growth factor that ensures muscle mass growth.

Now Foods
26.71 $

IGF-1+ Liposomal Spray is ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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O.M.A Out of stock
7.82 $

A cutting-edge product from Polish manufacturer, based on the formulation by Dr Henryk Różański.

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Ursolic Acid Out of stock
20.23 $

Dietary supplement containing ursolic acid. Increases lean muscle and lowers estrogen levels.

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Recomp RX Out of stock
Blackstone Labs
48.29 $

Dietary supplement that effectively builds muscle mass with simultaneous reduction of fat tissue.

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Meta Anabolon Out of stock
Bio Age Pharmacy
from 5.13 $

A natural preparation containing substances that may enhance building of muscle mass.

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IGF-1 Xtreme Out of stock
48.29 $

The highest-quality source of the insulin-like growth factor 1, enhanced with colostrum.

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Mastodon Discontinued
42.90 $

Phosphatidic acid. Allows to effectively build dry muscle mass.

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Amentoflavone Discontinued
29.41 $

Amentoflavone providesincreases in performance, pump and strength.

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Ursobolic Discontinued
18.62 $

Dietary supplement containing ursolic acid. Increases lean muscle and lowers estrogen levels.

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Humaslin Discontinued
42.90 $

A dietary supplement maximising the use of carbohydrates in the muscles. It improves strength results and fat

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