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PQQ is a short name for pyrroloquinoline quinone. It is a natural substance similar to vitamins. It is not synthesized in the human body, but it can be found in some vegetables and fruits, such as kiwi, papaya and parsley root. In the system, it acts as a cofactor for a large group of enzymes, and also has powerful antioxidant potential.

PQQ is a topper of mitochondrial medicine. As one of the few compounds can stimulate the formation of new mitochondria and improve the functioning of the existing ones. As a result, the aging of the body slows down and the risk of chronic diseases decreases. Also, the energy metabolism and well-being get improved and psychological health gets strengthened.

PQQ-based supplements can be recommended to people exposed to the intense intellectual effort. They are often used to strengthen memory and increase cognitive performance. The activity of pyrroloquinoline quinone within the nervous system may accelerate the thought processes, favorably affect the ability to absorb knowledge, favors logical reasoning. Importantly, PQQ is equally good for young people as well as for seniors in whom the weakening of cognitive functions is a natural consequence of aging of the body.

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Patented PQQ MGCPQQ® with the addition of coenzyme Q10. Vitality boost and cognitive strengthening.

CoQ10 200 mg Out of stock
13.83 €

200 mg of CoQ10 in one capsule. For people who want to ensure a high level of energy and vitality on a daily basis.

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CoQ10 100 mg Out of stock
9.22 €

The optimal dose of CoQ10 in one serving. The supplement is recommended in the case of a lack of energy and vitality.

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PQQ + CoQ10 Out of stock
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The combination of PQQ and CoQ10. Support of the work of mitochondria, adds energy and vital powers.

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