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Energy gels are innovative carbohydrate supplements intended for athletes. They are available in small, single-use sachets containing one serving each. Their consistency is viscous and thick, thanks to which they do not spill like drinks, they are easy to swallow and do not require washing down with water. They are one of the best, the fastest ways to provide the body with a necessary energy boost. Another advantage of this type of supplements is its packaging: light, compact and durable. It can be safely put in your pocket without worrying about it being crushed, getting wet or starting to leak.

Energy gels are based primarily on carbohydrates, which are the main source of energy for the body. They do not contain protein, fats or fibre so as to avoid straining the stomach. What they do contain is compounds promoting exercise abilities, such as electrolytes, creatine, BCAA, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they can be enriched with stimulants, such as caffeine, a guarana extract or a ginseng extract.

Our store offers a wide variety of energy gels. Not only marathon runners, but also fans of other disciplines are encouraged to give them a try. In order to satisfy all kinds of tastes, we offer gels in many different flavour options.

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1.21 $

Supplement in the form of energy gel. Provides a gradual essential source of energy in the form of carbohydrat

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1.32 $

Supplement in the form of energy gel. Source of quickly absorbed energy and microelements.

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Extreme Long Energy Gel
Extreme Long Energy Gel Discontinued
1.75 $

The energy gel containing carbohydrates, BCAAs, caffeine and other ingredients that increase body's efficiency

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Carbo Full Gel
Carbo Full Gel Discontinued
1.75 $

Energy gel with taurine, glycine and complex carbohydrates. Increases strength and promotes regeneration.

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