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Our store’s offer includes a wide range of men-oriented preparations. They contain solid doses of all necessary vitamins, micro and macro elements; they are often enriched with additional components, conducive to improving the psychophysical condition.

Complexes of vitamins and minerals for men, in addition to supporting basic physiological processes, strongly promote those areas which especially important for men. The composition of this type of preparations consists of, among others substances necessary for energy production, testosterone synthesis, supporting regenerative processes.

Research shows that deficiencies of vitamins and minerals are more likely to affect men than women. Gentlemen attach less importance to a proper diet, eat too few vegetables and fruits, but they more eagerly reach for stimulants, such as coffee, cigarettes or alcohol. However, as statistics show men who enriched their diet with basic vitamins and minerals, even without changing their lifestyle, were recorded to have a  lower risk of developing civilization diseases, such as atherosclerosis, neoplastic diseases, and type 2 diabetes.

Supplements in this category can be recommended to virtually every man. They are ideally suited to men who lead an active lifestyle, are exposed to stress, work hard and train regularly. Multi-component easy-to-use formulas that are also economical - usually only one, maximum two servings a day is enough to fully cover body’s demand for all the most important vitamins and minerals.

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11.46 €

Vitamin complex enriched with silicon, boron and iodine. Multidirectional health support.

Biotech Usa
10.76 €

Vitamin and mineral complex for men. Promotes mental and physical performance of the male body.

14.01 €

A unique vitamin and mineral formula dedicated to men who are trying for a baby.

Now Foods
from 18.68 €

A complex of of vitamins and minerals for men. Supports anabolism and enhances immunity.

Apollo's Hegemony
from 27.82 €

Vitamin and mineral complex. The preparation supports metabolism and protects against free radicals.

Adam Out of stock
Now Foods
21.04 €

Vitamin-mineral supplement designed for men. It increases resistance and improves mood.

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Adam Softgels Out of stock
Now Foods
from 24.55 €

Vitamin-mineral supplement for men. It increases immunity, improves mood and anabolism.

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Orange Triad Out of stock
Controlled Labs
41.85 €

A complex of vitamins and minerals. It supports the immune system and gastrointestinal tract.

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12.84 €

A carefully balanced supplement that comprehensively supports men's health.

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