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Vitamin B10, also called para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), vitamin Bx or vitamin H1; because of its properties it is often called "the skin's friend". Indeed, it can contribute to the delay of aging processes and plays a very important role in maintaining skin, hair and eyebrow pigmentation.

After joining vitamins B5 and B9 in the organism, PABA has the strongest effect on two fields. Firstly, it supports the immune system thanks to its unique antimicrobial properties; secondly, it protects the pigmentation of hair's, skin's and teeth's outside layers.

Vitamin B10 deficiency may result in premature greying of hair, which loses the colourant, or accelerated wrinkle formation on the skin. PABA can also help to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunrays. 

Vitamin B10 is utilised in anaemia prevention. It has haematopoietic properties, participates in red blood cell production and iron conversion. It stimulates the activity of several important hormones and prevents fertility problems. In healthcare, vitamin B esters are used as anaesthetics (e.g. benzocaine and novocaine). Vitamin B10 is also successfully applied in treating vitiligo.

The consequences of vitamin B10 deficiency can be hair loss, premature hair greying, worsening skin condition, eczemas. It is also noticeable when it comes to the functioning of the nervous system. Too low a level of vitamin B10 has been proven to strengthen the symptoms of depression, tiredness and fatigue.

The lack of vitamin B10 in the organism stimulates bacterial activity and the secretion of pathogenic toxins by microorganisms, so the right level of the substance in the system is worth taking care of. Higher doses of PABA are necessary if you are being treated with penicillin or sulphonamides. 

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PABA is an important member of the B-vitamin family.


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