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  • B7 Biotyna
  • B7 Biotin
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Vitamin B7 is often called biotin or vitamin H (from the German word Haut - skin). As the origin of the name suggests, it has a very beneficial effect on your skin but it also performs a number of other functions important for the organism.

Vitamin B7 is very relevant for people who suffer from diabetes. The vitamin's additional doses can contribute to the stabilisation of sugar level in their blood. People with hyperglycaemia and insulin resistance should also ensure the right intake of biotin.

The substance is also beneficial for the mood, vitality, it determines sensory sensitivity and the perception of pain. It supports the functioning of muscles and joints, and its deficiencies often manifest themselves through trembling hands and muscle sores. Biotin also supports normal vitamin C absorption and cooperates with vitamin K in order to synthesise prothrombin - the substance responsible for the process of blood coagulation.

Present in vitamin B7, sulphur molecules contribute to the maintenance of the right condition of hair, skin and prevent seborrhoea. Biotin supplements are often recommended to people with acne, weak and falling our hair or those who have problems with fragile and brittle nails.

Especially those who are on a diet poor in nutrients or patients treated with antibiotics for a long time are prone to biotin deficiencies. Too low a level can also be a consequence of the damages of intestinal mucosa, which are an obstacle in the natural production of the vitamin.

The best and safest way to supplement biotin deficiencies is the support of preparations with highly bioavailable vitamin B7. You should know that in food products, vitamin B7 occurs mainly in a bound form (as biotin esters or amides), which is much less absorbable that biotin in its free form.

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