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Whey protein isolate (WPI) is one of the most popular forms of protein. It is made from whey protein concentrate using cross-flow microfiltration technology. It has a very high biological value – It contains between 85 and 90% pure protein, has a great amino acid profile, it is distinguished by a large amount of BCAA amino acids, glutamine, and cysteine.

Whey protein isolate is ideal for training periods when caloric restriction plays a significant role. It provides a solid portion of protein, little carbohydrates, and minimum of fat. It is easily digestible and absorbs quickly. Such absorption kinetics predisposes it to be used immediately after an intense physical exercise. Importantly, supplements based on whey protein isolate usually dissolve and taste very well.

We offer you access to the highest-quality supplements based on whey protein isolate from renowned manufacturers. You can choose from a variety of flavors and packages in different sizes and weight ranges.


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Biotech Usa
from 19.87 €

Supplement based on whey protein isolate. Free of lactose and gluten. Less than 0,5 g of sugar per serving.

25.25 €

Top-quality whey protein isolate. Stands out thanks to its unique flavour and fantastic solubility.

39.51 €

Protein supplement containing 100% whey protein isolate. It makes it easy to build muscles and improve immunity.

22.45 €

The highest quality and 100% natural pure WPC whey protein isolate. It helps grow and maintain muscle mass.

Isolate Out of stock
23.15 €

The highest quality whey protein isolate. It is perfectly absorbed and effectively supports building muscle mass.

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Iso Whey Zero Black Out of stock
Biotech Usa
14.94 €

WPI with the addition of creatine, zinc, niacin and amino acids. High in protein (90%).

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Pure Whey Isolate 95 Out of stock
66.40 €

Top-quality whey protein isolate. Stands out thanks to its unique flavour and fantastic solubility.

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