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  • BRAWN AMP-C 60 kaps.
  • BRAWN AMP-C 60 caps.
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  • BRAWN AMP-C 60 kaps.
  • BRAWN AMP-C 60 caps.
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  • BRAWN AMP-C 60 kaps.
  • BRAWN AMP-C 60 caps.
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Brawn introduce their new AMP-C stimulant, combining 150mg AMP Citrate with 200mg Caffeine to ignite the now popular DMAA replacement.

Out Of Stock
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Świetny produkcik, mega pobudza ale nie jedzie po żołądku ;)

Lubię zabawe stymulantami, ta zabawka jest świetna 1-2 kaps przed treningiem do agmatynki i mamy wszystko co trzeba, pompke i pobudzenie poleeeecam
AMP-C AMP-C 60 caps.
31.80 $
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AMP-C 60 caps.

AMP-C Out of stock
Fat loss:

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Brawn introduce their new AMP-C stimulant, combining 150mg AMP Citrate with 200mg Caffeine to ignite the now popular DMAA replacement.

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Container size: 60 capsulesServing size: 1 capsuleServings per container: 60
per 1 capsuleamount%DV
AMP Citrate150 mg-
Caffeine Anhydrous200 mg-

Best to combine with


The product has bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect; decreases susceptibility to infections.

8.46 $
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HMB Revolution Discount

Formulation containing HMB and L-arginine. It provides greater strength and has muscle pump effect.

32.09 $ 28.88 $
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A multi-component pre-workout . Reduces fatigue, increases strength and endurance during training.

11.38 $
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MSM Powder

Popular supplement in the treatment of arthritis. Works anti-inflammatory for joints and muscles.

27.72 $
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An amino acid composition of of poultry origin. It provides fast recovery and muscle growth.

11.38 $ 9.92 $
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S-Adenosyl Methionine source. Stimulates cognitive functions, stabilizes emotions, and is neuroprotective.

66.81 $
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AMP Citrate

General information

AMP - often in the form of citrate. It is an analog of 1,3-dimetyloamylaminy (DMAA), and, in practice, has a similar effect. DMBA is a relatively new compound on the supplementation market, so the mechanisms of its actions and safety of using it not sufficiently well understood. Possibly by affecting the release of the relevant neurotransmitters, it is able to stimulate the body, increases the following: concentration, cognitive processes. Also helps burn excess fat.
Dosage: The dose will be higher than the DMAA, estimating it at about 100 to 350 mg. Time effective action is about 4-6 hours

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