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Tribulus Terrestris

Herbal medicine is the branch of natural medicine which is known for a long time. The use of herbs for medicinal purposes and the obtaining the body's vital energy was especially popular among the ancient tribes. Tribulus terrestis is one of the plants, which stimulates the respective metabolic axes and increases the concentration of testosterone in the blood stream. Therefore it is improving the synthesis of proteins, and also provides increasing of the lean body mass, body fat reduction, and improvement of bone density. It improves mood and motivation to heavier, more efficient workouts, and is the basis of the so-called PCT - the process which is facilitating restoring of the balance after steroid cycles. Moreover, tribulus terrestris is a plant giving sedative and diuretic effect, so in the first case is an effective means of calming the nervous system, and the second will contribute to the efficient clearance of toxic metabolic substances.

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