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Creatine orotate is a substance in which two or three molecules of orotic acid are bound to a creatine molecule. Both compounds are involved in energy metabolism in muscle cells and have thus synergistic effects.

Creatine is a tripeptide synthesised in the liver. Nonetheless, its endogenous production is not sufficient for individuals who do hard strength training. It is a donor of phosphate groups and thus facilitates ATP resynthesis. This makes your muscles work more effectively during training sessions. In addition, creatine is a potent anabolic and intracellular buffer. Because of that, it stimulates post-workout muscle recovery.

Orotic acid is a precursor to pyrimidine nucleotides. It is an intermediate in the synthesis of UTP, i.e. a high-energy compound. UTP helps enhance effects of creatine. It promotes the production of components of inner mitochondrial membrane which carry out aerobic respiration. This makes it possible to replenish muscle glycogen stores and support the joints. As a consequence, there is a remarkable improvement in training performance.

Creatine orotate is used by athletes who do strength training which is primarily an anaerobic activity. Products with this form of creatine have much better bioavailability and anabolic effects than the standard monohydrate.


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Orotine Plus
21.51 $

Creatine with orotic acid. Increase the endurance of muscles and delay tiredness during workout.


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