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Frankys Bakery is a renowned company that has been active continuously since 1954. From the beginning of its operation, the company aim is to launch products that taste like home-made. The company’s offer includes a wide selection of food additives, such as flavored sweeteners, sauces, and dressings. A separate product line consists of protein supplements and puddings, intended mainly for physically active people. There are also flours, spreads and ready-made mixtures used for self-preparation of baked goods.

Frankys Bakery’s offer is aimed primarily at athletes and people who care about health. For this reason, all the products are characterized by low content of fat and sugar, and they are free of any controversial additives. At the same time, they are delicious and provide few calories.

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Franky's Bakery
4.44 €

Dietetic aroma with the consistency of a thick liquid. It gives the dishes delicious taste.

Zerup Out of stock
Franky's Bakery
5.14 €

Tasty sweet sauce, perfect for favourite fit desserts. Free from sugar and fat.

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Zero Sauce Out of stock
Franky's Bakery
5.61 €

Delicious dry sauce for meat dishes, which allows to reduce calories.

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