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Mr. Tonito is a line of products introduced to the market by the OstroVit® company, a well-known and significant manufacturer of dietary supplements. It includes functional and dietary food. It is aimed mainly at physically active people, who care about their health and perfect figure. It is distinguished by a responsible approach to business and exceptional care for the health of consumers. All Mr. Tonitos have a transparent composition and are composed solely of the necessary ingredients. They do not contain unnecessary additives, fillers or flavor enhancers. 

The portfolio of the Mr. Tonito you can find high-quality products that diversify and enrich the daily diet. Among them are peanut butters and low-calorie, sugar-free jellies, enriched with vitamins. They have gained the recognition of athletes and fans of healthy eating. The manufacturer ensures that the Mr. Tonito will be systematically expanded.

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Mr. Tonito
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Sugar-free, delicious jelly, with the addition of Vitamins A, C, and E. Great idea for dessert.

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