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Proteins of plant origin are an excellent alternative to animal proteins. They show a slightly lower biological value in comparison to whey or egg proteins, nevertheless, there are also some that are wholesome proteins containing a complete set of exogenous amino acids. In comparison to animal proteins, they have a lower content of fat, but they provide a lot of fiber and minerals important for the proper functioning of the body.

Plant-based protein are especially popular among vegetarians and vegans because it is more difficult to ensure an adequate protein supply with the nutritional model chosen. Products in this category are also great for people who have problems digesting milk proteins due to the lactose contained in them. Thus, the supplements can be boldly used by professional athletes as well as recreational sportsmen.

We offer a wide range of plant-based nutrients. Among them, the soy-based products are in the lead, but they are recommended especially for women – they provide the body with specific phytoestrogens, which in men may disturb the production of androgens. Our offer also includes nutrients based on pea and rice protein, as well as more and more popular hemp protein. Mixes containing vegetable protein from several different sources are also worth the interest.


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19.98 $

A protein supplement containing three types of plant-derived protein. Ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

Vegan Protein Out of stock
Biotech Usa
12.39 $

Excellent source of protein for vegans. Supports musculature development and provides all essential amino acid

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Organic Hemp Protein Out of stock
9.87 $

Ecological protein from hemp. It absorbes itself well and accelerates the growth of lean muscle mass.

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Pro-VegaTein Discontinued
Source Naturals
32.63 $

Protein supplement based on proteins from peas and rice. Free from the most popular allergens and GMO.

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Pea Protein Power
Pea Protein Power Discontinued
Source Naturals
27.57 $

Sports Pea Protein is a Non-GMO vegetable protein isolate.

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100% Plant Protein
100% Plant Protein Discontinued
19.98 $

Protein supplement based on pea protein. A rich source of amino acids.

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Sojavit 85
Sojavit 85 Discontinued
7.34 $

Protein supplement based on soy protein and wheat. Helps to burn body fat.

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Sprouted Brown Rice Protein
Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Discontinued
Now Foods
24.03 $

Easily absorbable supplement based on rice protein concentrate. Rich in BCAAs, glutamine and arginine.

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Pea Protein
Pea Protein Discontinued
Now Foods
26.56 $

Sports Pea Protein is a Non-GMO vegetable protein isolate.

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Hemp Protein
Hemp Protein Discontinued
Jarrow Formulas
22.51 $

High quality hemp protein, a great alternative to animal protein.

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Rice Protein
Rice Protein Discontinued
Biotech Usa
12.39 $

Easily assimilable vegan supplement based on proteins from rice and pea.

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Soja Pro
Soja Pro Discontinued
from 7.34 $

Easily absorbable supplement based on soy protein isolate. Rich in BCAAs, glutamine and arginine.

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