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Vitamins are substances that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Some of them are active mainly in enzymatic systems, where they play the role of cofactors. In order for them to perform their functions, they must be transformed into their active forms, called coenzymes. This process is quite complicated, but in most healthy people it progresses quickly and efficiently. The problem arises when the body condition is poor, or it lacks some other nutrients required for the conversion of vitamins.

Supplements containing vitamins in coenzymatic forms are of great help. These are the final, active forms of vitamins, characterized by the highest possible bioavailability. Since they are are not dependent on the availability of other compounds in the body, coenzymatic forms of vitamins can be used directly, without the need to be transformed. What's more, sometimes they are also much more friendly to the body than their traditional, synthetic counterparts. An excellent example here is vitamin B6, the synthetic form of which must be stabilized by hydrochloride.

The use of coenzymatic forms of vitamins results in greater effectiveness of supplementation and the quicker emergence of first positive results. In addition, lower doses are usually sufficient to achieve the expected therapeutic effects.

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Apollo's Hegemony
8.18 €

"Mitochondrial" vitamin B12 - adenosylcobalamin.

Apollo's Hegemony
9.12 €

Vitamin B6 in the metabolically active, highly bioavailable form of pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P).

Apollo's Hegemony
34.84 €

A unique form of vitamin B3 and a precursor to NAD+ in an effective dose.

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7.01 € 1.17 €

Vitamin B12 as an active coenzyme, biologically active adenosylcobalamin. Non-methylated form.

Apollo's Hegemony
39.51 €

300 mg of coenzymatic vitamin B3 (NAD+) in each capsule.

14.03 €

Two forms of Vitamin B6 in capsules.

NADH 10mg Out of stock
Now Foods
37.18 €

NADH is an essential cofactor for hundreds of biochemical reactions, and is used in the production of cellular energy.

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5.82 €

Vitamin B6 in the active coenzyme form - P-5-P.

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P5P Discontinued
Apollo's Hegemony

Vitamin B6 in the metabolically active, highly bioavailable form of pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P).

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